- A Night of electric guitars -
- Interview in Japanese Burrn and Young Guitar Magazine -
- Ice Race in Austria -
- Guest at Anniversary show of Axxis -

The first Dates for “A Night of electric guitars” are confirmed. More dates will follow soon.

On stage Thomas Blug, Uli Jon Roth and Victor Smolski

featuring: David Readman (vocals), Raoul Walton (bass), Bernie Wittmann (keys) and Wolf Simon (drums)

Check out the "Dates" section.


Here you find parts of Victors interviews with the Japanese Burrn and Young Guitar Magazine


From 15th up to 18th of January 2015 Victor will start at the Ice race in Austria in Altenmarkt/Zauchensee together with the team “Quer”.



Victor as guest at the anniversary show of Axxis.

“I wish you another 25 years of fun and success! Victor”



- S E A S O N S - G R E E T I N G S -

Hi folks,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015!

For all of you who want to rock their guitar next year, I will offer my support at my Unity Music School in Hamm from 18.03.15 to 06.04.15.
Just send a mail for scheduling to victorsmolski@music-and-web.de

Best regards


And this is the way, ralley drivers are getting their christmas tree: 




- Thanks for support -
- With Van Canto on W:O:A -




The 30 years anniversary tour of RAGE is drawing to an end. I would like to give thanks a lot to all parties involved: to our booking agency Bottom Row, to Alive Concerts for the Russian tour, to our fantastic crew, all support bands and to the dreamlike audience.

Especially the concert in my home town Minsk was real emotional for me.


A further thanks goes to our partners Engl, Shure, Thomastik Infeld, Cordial, Yamaha and Siggi Guitars.


Now I'm looking forward to my well-deserved holiday. I wish you a nice, relaxing festive season and all the best for 2015.

Yours Victor


And here a video clip of Victors guest apperence at the Van Canto Wacken show in 2014.




- Creeps feeling at the Loud Park festival in Japan -

"After the Loud Park festival in Japan I just can say:AWESOME! Thousands of fantastic fans who welcome us with lots of enthusiasm caused real creeps feeling. I am looking forward to see the Live DVD of Loud Park!

Finally there were some free days in Tokio to enjoy this fascinating metropolis. I hope it will not last to long until the next visit!"

Here an interview for all Japanese fans: 



"It would be also really cool if we could play with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra in Japan, Russia and other countries. On German festivals like Wacken, Rock of Ages or Classic Summer it worked out real terrifically."


Greets Victor



- New workshop dates - -
- Thanks for support -

Here you find 2 more workshop dates of Victor:

Friday - 24.10. - music market Rendsburg - 6:00 pm
Saturday - 25.10. - raceground festival Krefeld - 5:00 pm

The european part of our 30 years anniversary tour is over. Many thanks to all our fans, to our support bands Lion Twin and Tri State Corner, to our crew and the whole team. Special get-well wishes goes to Jan from Lion Twin.

We're now looking forward to the play at the Loud Park festival in Japan, the Russian and South American tour.

RAGE on!




- Victor Smolski book "Straight To Hell Or To Paradise" -
- "Straight to Hell" soundtrack for american horror movie -

On 16th of September, the German version of the Victor Smolski book "Straight To Hell Or To Paradise" will be published. The slightly other biography about Victor will present fascinating insights into the metal- and classic world, into the fascination motorsport, interviews with Andy Siry (Nuclear Blast) and Peavy Wagner (RAGE) among others, guitar notes and tabs of Unity, Soundchaser and other RAGE hits, everything available on more than 300 pages with more than 200 pictures. The book can be ordered in your book store by the ISBN-Nr. 978-3-00-046924-4 or directly here
using this e-Mail address: smolski-buch@gmx.de
At Amazon you can get the book and the e-book to a price of 19,99 €
. (the English version of the e-book will follow in December)

Axel Werbach (Autor):
Composing songs for the next CD, driving races on Nürburgring circuit, set up the upcoming concert-tour, planning lessons at his „Unity Music School“, compiling the setlist for the next „RAGE“ and „Lingua Mortis Orchestra“ concert, getting free for privat and family activities, giving interviews for the media world, writing notes for classical scores, next to that mixing a power-metal-song in studio, playing at Wacken infront of 80.000 people, teaching 20 students in his masterclass, playing a guitar-workshop at the music-fair…

Here we are talking about the guitarist, the ambitious hobby-race-driver and father of a family Victor Smolski, who loves doing all this voluntarily and real successfully.

At the following link you can find a full video about Victor by Stephan König of HardHarderHeavy. Check it out!!!:

Docu about Victor - http://youtu.be/m2so_tSw8Ms


The song "Straight to Hell" of the RAGE album "Welcome to the other side", composed by Victor Smolski, again made it into a movie as a soundtrack. This time it's not a comedy like "Der Schuh des Manitu", but an american horror movie. ("The Cursed Man", the movie is a feature horror/suspense film from producer/director James L. Perry, based on the novel by Keith Rommel. "Publishing critics have dubbed author Rommel as the next Steven King," according to Perry.)




- Guest apperance of Victor at Van Canto on Wacken Open Air -
- RAGE tour teaser online -
- Two new workshop dates -
- Most successful year in Victors racer career -

Victor +Van Canto,Tarja Turunen (Tarja, ex-Nightwish), Andre Matos (ex-Angra), Jörg Michael (ex-Stratovarius), Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger)
Photo by Andrea Friedrich: www.deceitful-tranquillity.de

"Was really great fun to rock the Wacken stage together with Van Canto infront of the fantastic fan scenery! The spontaneous jam with Tarja, Andre and Chris at the end of the setlist was just great! Also the backstage atmosphere, where you can have party with the music colleagues, is super every time!”


Here a tour teaser to the upcoming 30th anniversary tour of RAGE. Check it out!!!:



Here you find 2 guitar workshop dates:

Saturday - 30.08. - Summer Rock Weekend 2014 -www.rockland-music.de

Saturday - 20.09. - Siggi Braun – 20 years jubilee open days  - http://guitarcreator.com/programm/


Photo by Detlef Büscher

2014 is going to become the most successful year in Victors racing career: He got his 6th cup at the challenging circuit of Spa.

More infos at the motorsport section......



- RAGE concert in Cineplex Hamm -
- Victor at 24h race on Nürburgring circuit for the 9th time -

On 23rd of July the film premiere of the Wacken movie to the 25th festival anniversary will take part at the Cineplex Hamm followed by a RAGE live show afterwards.

Cineplex Hamm - Wacken film premiere with RAGE live show afterwards

Already for the 9th time Victor took part at the largest race of the world, the 24h-race on Nürburgring circuit, reaching the checkered flagg successfully.

More at the motorsport section...


Many thanks to Shure for "mobility on stage"!


And here Vitors joungest fan....

Victor Smolski metal riffs for crazy rocking kids - Part 1

Victor Smolski metal riffs for crazy rocking kids - Part 2



- Special Guest at Van Canto on W:O:A -
- Shure starts "Play for LA" -

Victor is going to play as special guest at Van Canto in Wacken on the Party Stage ( Saturday night 00:15 - 01:30 a.m.)


Shure starting "Play for LA - The Shure Guitar Competition"

Across Europe, Shure are searching for the very best amateur guitar players. In exchange for your guitar prowess, Play for LA is your chance to win an unforgettable trip to LA California, a Shure Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System, and more.

Download the backing track today and show us your “Legendary Performance” (the more creative, the better). This is your time in the spot light!

Participate in our Guitar Competition for your chance to win

The prize:

An unforgettable trip to LA California, admission to NAMM Show 2015 and a Shure Digital Wireless Guitar System in pedalboard format.

How to enter

For your chance to win Shure "Play for LA" – just follow these simple steps:

Enter the competition in your country and download the backing tracks. Join the "Play for LA" Facebook event in your country. Post a video of you performing the track in the comments section. Gather at least 50 likes for your performance.



- Victor and team Quer at 24h race -

Here a team Quer trailer to 24h race 2014




- 30 years RAGE anniversary tour dates available -
- »Soundchaser Archives« video-interview released -
- Rock Hard video report from Frankfurt music fair -

We have added the "30 years RAGE anniversary tour dates".

Check out the "Dates" section!!!


Celebrating their 30th band anniversary, German Heavy Metal masters RAGE have now released a video-interview on their upcoming new output »The Soundchaser Archives« on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel. Check out bassist & vocalist Peavy Wagner and talk about the 30 track song collection here:


Also available is the lyric video for ‘Anybody Home?  - watch it here:


»The Soundchaser Archives« holds a full run of two CDs (plus Bonus DVD), and will be released on May 23, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

Here a link to a Rock Hard video report, recorded on Frankfurt music fair (German language):




- Report about Victor Smolski by Belarus TVR -
- That's the way winners are looking!
- Succsessful performance at Frankfurt music fair -
- RAGE jubilee CD “The Soundchaser Archives” -

"I would like to say thanks to everybody, who were involved at the film about me. It's incredibly emotional, getting such a feedback out of my home country. Although I've become a person of the world meanwhile, Minsk will remain my home. Many thanks to all fans from Belarus!

We see us in Minsk in November during the 30-years anniversary tour of RAGE. Yours Victor".

Here the link to the report about Victor Smolski by Belarus TVR.


The winning driver team Günter Beckers and Victor Smolski direcly won the class victory at the first 2014 challenge on Nürburgring circuit.

More dates and photos at the "Motorsport" section.

"I would like to say thanks a lot to all fans who visit me at the Frankfurt music fair 2014. That was great fun! I think that was the longest autograph hour ( 4 hours) I have ever given. Next workshop will be on 11th of May at Planet Hollywood in Duisburg! Best regards, Victor."

And here some video links (in German language):

First a link to "TECH TALK" of the Frankfurt music fair, where Victor gives information about his ENGL Signature Amp.

www.youtube.com/TECH TALK

Here a link to an interview, which Planet Hollywood radio conducted with Victor.

www.youtube.com/Planet Hollywood Interview

More photos of the workshops you will find at the "Photo" section.

And dont forget: On 23rd of May the 30 years of RAGE anniversary CD "The Soundchaser Archives" will be released on market.


- RAGE race team invites you -

On 16th of March, Victor is going to rock the stage at the Hangar in Crailsheim!!! Of course, Victor is also strong regarding his car! He will show you his new constructed Theimann Porsche and he will step on the gas by the motto ''Push the pedal to the metal'' at the action area!!!


More dates:  

06.04. - Drift day on Nürburgring

24.05. - High perfomance days on Hockenheimring




- Victor at Frankfurt Music Fair

On 15th of March at 5 pm Victor Smolski is going to rock the Agora Stage at the Frankfurt Music fair.


Victor is not only live on stage. On 14th of March at 3pm there is a Meet and Greet with him at Cordial booth in hall 5.1 stand B68. Also on 15th of March at the ENGL booth hall 4.0 J44 from 1pm onwards. He will answer all your questions regarding his amps, giving tipps and tricks also.




- Seasons Greetings -

“Thanks to all our fans, who supported us during our LMO-Tour! This was a great time for us and I hope that we can repeat it in 2014 during our 30th - anniversary RAGE - tour. Greetings to the winner of ENGL and EMP competitions. I hope you enjoyed our soundcheck! Special thanks to all musicians and our crew for a great job!

I wish you all the best for 2014!

Greets, Victor”



- Drift show at Motor show Essen -
- Competition of EMP -
- LMO tour trailer inclusive message of Victor -
- Interview with Victor on "4U radio" -

At the Motor show in Essen Victor has shown his drifting arts and offered taxi rides together with his ralley team "Quer".

Some photos you can find at "Motorsport".

Competition - Speeding through the Green Hell with Victor Smolski

For their backstage club members, EMP will toss up a pur adrenaline event with Victor Smolski (RAGE/LMO), a ride through the Green Hell of the Nürburgring circuit. Furthermore Victor Smolski will invite you to a LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA show to hand over your prize personally.

Just answer the backstage club member competition question!


Good luck!

Soon, the second round of LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA shows will start, accompanied by the German Metalheadz of MAJESTY:  

18.12. - D - Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn  
19.12. - D - Memmingen - Kaminwerk
20.12. - D - Nürnberg - Hirsch
21.12. - D - Köln - Essigfabrik
22.12. - D - Langen - Neue Stadthalle

A new tour trailer inclusive message of Victor Smolski you can find here:


The LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA video clip to the opening track ‘Cleansed By Fire’ out of their opus »LMO« you can find at the website of the city Gelnhausen using following link:


On wednesday, 11.12. there's the program "colors of rock & heavy metal" with an interview with Victor on "4u-radio". (German language)




- Workshop to "LMO" album -
- Successful start at German Ralley Championship -
- Once more class victory on Nürburgring circuit -
- Adrenaline kick for fans at Hamburg Metal Dayz -
- Victor Smolski signature cable available at CORDIAL -
- More LMO shows confirmed -
- Tribute to Jon - Celebrating The Music Of Jon Lord with RAGE -

At the workshop section you can find a new workshop to the Lingua Mortis Orchestra album "LMO".

Victors start at the German Ralley Mastership together with the ralley team "Quer" was again real successful. Also the pleasure was great when Victor saw the checkered flag, winning 1 position in SP5-class during VLN race on Nürburgring. Congratulation Victor!!!

A detailed report with lot's of photos you can find at the "Motorsport" section.

During the Hamburg Metal Dayz Victor offered an adrenaline-special for his fans: as co-driver the fans could be close to some wild drift-actions in Victors ralley-BMW.

www.youtube.com/Hamburg Metal Dayz

At CORDIAL company you can now get the Victor Smolski Signature cable.

"Hi everybody! I'm totally happy, that our shows with Lingua Mortis Orchestra were such successful so that there's a great demand on more concerts.... Many thanks to all fans for your support and also to all musicians and crew members, who are involved at this project. I'm really looking forward for the December tour and some more LMO shows in 2014!

Best regards, Victor"

More LMO shows are available at the "Dates" section.

On Friday, 23rd of May 2014, RAGE are going to be part at a very special event! "Tribute to Jon - Celebrating The Music Of Jon Lord". "Tribute to Jon" is a firework of magnificent compositions of the musician of genius Jon Lord (Deep Purple). Art director of this project will be Martin Doepke, who accompanied Jon Lord live on keyboards. RAGE will be responsible for the rock part of the concert, the "NuMetal Symphony" - orchestra bridging the gap from rock to classic. See the greatest hits from DEEP PURPLE and the "classic" works of Jon Lord in a superb concert in MEDIO.RHEIN.ERFT in Bergheim.


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