Professor Dmitry Smolski

In 2013 Dmitry Smolski got the greatest honour in Belarus. He was decorated by president A.Lukaschenko with the medal “Franzisk Skorina”.

In 2012 his opera “The Grey Legend” got the best review by the European Opera Festival and till now all performances are nearly sold out in the Opera in Minsk. Victor already plans recording a DVD.




The work from Victor and his father can be heard on Victor´s solo CDs. “The Heretic” and “Majesty and Passion” will be re-released in August 2013 by Drakkar Records.

Dmitry Smolski (CD Maximum)

"Best Of Dmitry Smolski" - release date - April 2010

produced by Victor Smolski

Professor, and several times honored national state prize winner, Dmitry Bronislawowitsch Smolski was born in 1937 in Minsk / Belarus. He began to study his music at the conservatorium in Moscow and finished these in 1960 at the Belarussian stateconservatorium, where he became professor already two years later, but nevertheless, his compositional working was in the first place. There are several great works, such as 12 symphonies among other things, 2 operas ("The Grey Legend" and "Franzisk Scorina"), 2 monumental Oratories ("My motherland" and "Poet"), various instrumental concerts as well as 2 string quartetts and a number of chambermusicpieces. All of them have already been presented worldwide by national and international conductors from Berlin, Muhlheim (Germany), Seoul (Korea) to Moscow, Kiew and Minsk.

During the years 1967 to 1989, there were many LP-publications by Russias biggest record company "Melodia", in 1992, the English record company "Olympia" published a CD named "Belarussian Series" within 5 pieces of Professor Dmitry Smolski.

Until today, there is a huge number of Smolski-educated composers from USA, Germany, Poland, to Israel, being a whole new generation of composers. Professor Dmitri Smolski is the leading composer of modern music in Russia's music-history, as well as in the complete former Sowjet-Union.